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Start The International Hornfestival

11th International Horn Festival from May 25th to 28th 2017 in Sarnen


For the 11th time, on the Ascension Day,  the International Horn Festival will take place in Sarnen (Switzerland). Excellent horn players (Radovan Vlatkovic, Richard Watkins, Lukas Christinat, Florian Abächerli, Stephan Bühlmann) could be arranged for this  event, which became already as a traditional one. We have created an interesting and varied program for amatures, students, professionals and scholars. In workshops, private lessons and ensemble participants will have the opportunity to discover new things, to play together and share  their experiences. The Horn Festival offers  a special program for children that includes, among others, a rhythm course.

For advanced students and professional musicians a master class will be conducted, in which the teachers work with the course participants on the concert literature with piano accompaniment. The master class is open to the public and recommended for the listeners as well.

The traditional  exhibition would be held at the Aula Cher foyer, to give the  possibility to blow the instruments from different manufacturers and test them at the same time. Different notes, recordings and instrument accessories are to be found at the exhibition.

The horn festival offers an exciting, varied and learning experience to the hornplayers of any age group and professional level.

The Horn Group Obwalden and the professors would be delighted to welcome as many horn players and friends of the French horn in Sarnen as possible.

With best regards

Horngruppe Obwalden

Lukas Christinat, Artistic Director



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12. Internationales Hornfestival Sarnen

30. Mai 2019 - 02. Juni 2019

Radovan Vlatkovic und Richard Watkins werden auch bei der 12. Ausgabe mit von der Partie sein.

Als weiterer Dozent wird Stefan Dohr, Solohornist der Berliner Philharmoniker am Festival dabei sein!


Application for the 11th International Hornfestival from May 25nd to 28th 2017 in Sarnen (Switzerland) will be online now!!

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with Radovan Vlatkovic, Richard Watkins, Hermann Baumann, Lukas Christinat and Florian Abächerli.